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Soukup Basketball offers a variety of training options. Individual sessions are great for an athlete seeking detailed instruction from Michael and Steven. Group sessions are a great option for athletes looking to workout with teammates/friends while still receiving quality skill development training. Team sessions are a great option for coaches looking for additional work outside of the coaching staff to give new perspective on drills and concepts that can be applied individually or within the team concept.


$20 per athlete for 1 hour session

Individual skill development sessions consist of 30 minutes with Michael working on dribbling/passing and 30 minutes with Steven working on shooting/finishing.

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GROUP SESSION                               (AT LEAST 4 ATHLETES)

$15 per athlete for 1 hour session

Group skill development sessions are great for those looking to further their skill development along with their friends/teammates.


$100 per session for 2 hour session

Team sessions consist of team drills, skill development, and concepts that can be applied to both individuals and the team as a whole.

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